Human Resources

Human Resources

HR Vision: To become a pioneering company in the sector, in Turkey and throughout the world with integrated human resources practices.

HR Mission: To enhance job results of all TAV Group companies and all departments with the implementation of human resources management aligned with group strategies, to maintain and encourage high performing culture within the group in order to provide strategic support aimed at creating value for all stakeholders.

TAV Airports adopted the principle of equal opportunities in management of its human capital, the main foundations of its success, at international standards and of offering an eligible workplace for the employees.

The basic policy of the company is to combine skills and competencies of the employees with work requirements and to select, develop, assess, and manage its human resources at global standards and by equal opportunity principle. Human resources management is dedicated to improving employee performance by creating a dynamic, developing and innovative environment.

TAV Airports, the pioneering and leading airport operator in Turkey, places the institutionalization of the knowledge, experience and know-how that it has gained and expansion of them across the company amongst its main strategies.

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