Terminal Information

Information on International Terminal

Closed Area: 95,683 square meters

Parking Area: Bus park, 12,360 square meters, 114 buses

                        Car park, 6,300 square meters, 287 cars

                        Personnel, 8,000 square meters, 315 cars

Terminal Concept: International terminal provides service to arriving and departing passengers.

Terminal Capacity: The terminal provides service to 5 million passengers.

Check-in Counters: 66 counters

Passport Control Counters: 18 counters for departing passengers (18 security control points)

                                               18 counters for arriving passengers (36 security control points)

Passenger Boarding Bridges: 8 fixed and 9 movable passenger boarding bridges, 2 gates for transit aircraft and aircraft parking on the apron.

Baggage Handling System:
4 main collecting lines with a total capacity of 5,000 baggage / hour

1 automatic sorter

2 baggage carousels

Explosive Detection System (EDS)

5 Baggage Claim Carousels

Terminal Systems
Terminal Operation Center (TOC)

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE)

Baggage Handling System (BHS)

Central Data Base (CDB)

Information on Domestic Terminal

Total Area Terminal Building : 16,500 sqm

Car Park: 13,500 sqm

Counter Facilities : 26 check-in counters

Number of Gates 6 x busgates

Baggage Handling System (BHS)

  • A system designed with a capacity of 2,000 baggage / hour
  • 4 units of baggage claim carousels for sorting of arriving baggage
  • 2 units of manual carousels for sorting of departing baggage