Cargo Terminal

The Cargo Terminal houses radioactive materials, valuable goods and refrigerated storage units as well as private cargo agency offices.

There are Turkish Airlines Cargo, PTT (Post Office) and Customs Duty Management buildings, as well as offices of cargo agents and customs brokers within the complex.

Import and export warehouses of THY are also located at the Cargo Terminal.

Incoming Cargo

Depending on the airline, you need to contact the companies listed below which have warehouses in the airport to collect your incoming cargo from overseas. +90 232 274 29 51 +90 232 274 23 00 +90 232 274 25 34
Lufthansa Cargo +90 232 274 20 56 +90 232 274 22 17 +90 232 274 26 26 extension:1730

Outgoing Cargo

To send cargo overseas, you need to contact the IATA (International Air Transportation Association) member cargo agents for them to finalize the required procedures on your behalf; such as customs transactions, preparation of the airway bill, charging, and packaging.

Please click for the agents authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Procedure For Incoming Deceased

  • Incoming deceased can be collected from the relevant company at the Cargo Terminal.
  • Staff on duty at the check point will confirm the details of the airline that the deceased was carried on and will get in touch with the company who provides ground services to finalize the transaction as quickly as possible.
  • Meanwhile, the documents will be taken to the Airport Borders Health Authority by the company who provides ground services for issue/approval of the death certificate.
  • Should an autopsy be required on the deceased, it is arranged to be delivered to the Coroner’s Office by personnel appointed by the Police Headquarters.

Information on the terms and procedures for sending deceased abroad can be obtained from specific airlines.