1. Is there any Baggage Custody Office where I can leave my bags in the terminal?

Unfortunately, Luggage Custody Service is not available.

2. Can you please inform about liquid restrictions in hand luggage?

Please clickfor details on liquid restrictions

3. Where is the Visa Office at Milas Bodrum Airport and what are the working hours?

Visa Office is located at the International Terminal Arrivals Floor, before the passport control (on the west side). It is open 24/7. Tel no: 0 252 511 1131

4. What are the customs procedures applied at Milas Bodrum Airport?

Please visit www.gumruk.gov.tr regarding detailed information on customs procedures.
Tel no: 0 252 511 1000 Ext.: 1765

5. How far is it between the Domestic and International terminals of Milas Bodrum Airport? How can I get there?

There is no connection between the two terminals; it is a 5-minute walk.

6. Is there any place that I can rent a mobile phone in the terminal?

There is a shop at the exit of arriving passengers at the domestic terminal.

7. Where can I get departure fee stamp at Milas Bodrum Airport?

Ministry of Finance departure fee stamp can be purchased from the information desk located at the international terminal arrivals floor.
For further information on departure fee stamp, please contact: 0 252 511 10 00
Note: The departure fee stamp payment must be made before the passport control.

8. Where are Tax-free offices within the terminal?

Please go to Tax-free desks located on the international terminal departures floor to complete the required transactions.

9. How can I get to the TAV Lost & Found Office?

TAV Lost & Found offices provide service 24/7 at the information desks of domestic and international terminals.
Tel no: 0252 511 10 00

10. Is there a hair dresser at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport?

10. Is there any hairdresser saloon at Milas Bodrum Airport?P>

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