Baggage refers to appropriate or necessary objects, items and other personal assets such as clothing for the passenger's usage and/or comfort.

For your own safety, please check if there are any dangerous items in your baggage.

For your own safety, you are kindly requested to prepare your luggage yourself or witness it being prepared in your presence. Please take extra care to check all the closed packages and boxes while preparing your luggage. Under no circumstances accept any packages that you are asked to deliver to someone else if you do not know the content.

According to regulations issued by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), it is strictly forbidden to carry heat/flaming lighters on you or in your hand baggage on flights to and from the United States of America. Make sure you have information from the airline company regarding any prohibited items on your flight.

There may be substances which are not accepted by the country of origin or destination in registered or unregistered baggage. Please ask for details when purchasing your ticket.

Carry valuable items such as jewelry, mobile phones, laptops, documents, etc. in your hand luggage.

Your baggage may not be accepted on board if:

It may endanger the aircraft, passengers or other cargo on board,

It is not packed properly and securely,

It contains items prohibited by the laws and regulations of the origin, destination or transit countries,

If its dimensions aren’t appropriate. (Please consult your airline company for information.)

Make sure you learn from your airline company the weight limits applicable for luggage and up to what point you need to label your luggage. Double check this information on your ticket.

Obtain information on weight and size restrictions for hand luggage.

Make sure you have labels which include information such as your name/surname, phone number and address on your luggage. You may obtain labels from your airline company's counter.

Do not leave labels from previous flights on your baggage.

Do not forget that goods in sacks, nylon bags, tin boxes, metal barrels and other freight which cannot be carried as baggage will not be accepted into the aircraft baggage compartment or inside the cabin.

Do not forget that pocket knives, knives, nail scissors or clippers, lighters and other cutting, piercing or explosive items are not allowed inside the cabin for safety reasons. Do not carry such items with you.

Do not exceed weight or dimension limits or your baggage may be damaged or the grip may detach while being carried. Please remember that you will need to pay for any luggage which exceeds the specified limits.

Conduct your baggage admission procedures in your own name and check the information on the labels given to you in exchange for your baggage.

Do not take charge of baggage that is not your own.

During baggage checking procedures before boarding the aircraft, please show your baggage to the appointed personnel.

At your destination, please be careful not to take luggage which is similar to your own by mistake when retrieving your baggage from the delivery belt. For luggage which is not retrievable or any kind of damage noticed at the destination, present your travel information, baggage labels and ID card or passport when consulting the Lost and Found Office before leaving the airport. Contact your airline company for any damage or missing items that were not noticed immediately within 7 days of your travel date.

We wish you a safe and pleasant flight!

TAV Milas Bodrum Terminal Operations Co.