Cabin Luggage

This is the luggage that the passenger takes with him/her onto the aircraft under his/her own supervision and responsibility. Items prohibited in the cabin luggage are listed in National Civil Aviation Security Program APPENDIX-17. In addition, as per instructions from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, there are restrictions in place on the amount of liquid that can be brought into the cabin effective October 1st, 2009 which is applicable on international flights from our airport.

Current regulations for restrictions on liquids and items such as gels and aerosols etc. carried in hand luggage are as follows:

  • Each liquid amount in hand luggage must not exceed 100 ml.
  • These liquids must be carried separately in maximum 1 liter capacity 20 cm x 20 cm clear, sealed bags.
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry only one bag.
  • Medicines (with prescriptions and in original packages) and baby food are exempt from this requirement.
  • Liquids: Other liquids such as water and syrup and items including creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, makeup items (liquid lipstick, mascara etc.) toothpaste, shaving gel and mousse, hair gels, deodorants, contact lens solutions, shampoos, jam, honey and yogurt.

Duty Free

All liquid products purchased from Duty Free stores must be carried in special sealed clear bags together with their receipts. Please do not open the sealed bags until you arrive at your final destination. Otherwise, the contents of the bags may be confiscated at the security checkpoints. If you have a connecting flight within the European Union or the United States, please remember that previously purchased duty free products (over 100 ml) are not allowed as hand luggage, even in sealed bags.