Güvenlik Kontrolü

Security Control

Please do not forget to find out the time you need to be at the airport prior to your flight when purchasing your ticket.

Make sure you are not carrying any of the prohibited items listed in Appendix 17 of the National Civil Aviation Security Program in your luggage so that you avoid any problems during security checks. For your own safety, please pack your own luggage and never accept any items or packages given to you by someone else.

Please obtain information from the airline company regarding security procedures of the country of origin and destination.

For your own safety:

Attend to your bags and personal belongings. Never leave your baggage unattended, even for a short period of time. Do not forget that unattended packages will be disposed of by security personnel.

Do not accept packages from strangers.

Do not make jokes about carrying a bomb or weapon or any terrorist activity. This may cause misunderstandings.

Click for taking banned substances aircraft cabin.

Have a Nice Flight!